Viral Loop 2.0 Review - Discount and Huge Bonuses

Viral Loop 2.0 Review - Discount and Huge Bonuses

I. Viral Loop 2 review – Introduction


We are living in the digital ages in which online marketing has become a potential land for all people. A lot of strategies have been carried out to promote marketing campaigns, and viral loop is one of those multiple methods. This marketing concept can be presented by a circle which includes major elements, or steps that describe the ways to make a particular product closer to the customers. Like the spread of viruses, viral loop is the channel that helps online marketers transfer all information about a typical product to its customers continuously to other customers, without their paying much amount of money for marketing expenses. It seems that viral loop can make tremendous impacts on certain groups of people. Many marketers have started to think of this method seriously to save as much money for

other marketing plans as possible. The supply for Viral Loop  2 software is not increasing much with just a few products. So today I will recommend a new product which has the same name as the method that you are looking for. Take a look at my Viral Loop review to see how it can change to you and your company.


III . Viral Loop review- What is Viral Loop ?

Viral Loop 2 is the all-in- one WordPress set that provides professional themes for your marketing campaigns. The product will turn all your regular members who visit your websites into interactive ones. Also, when they get access to Viral Loop, they will be your potential content creators who can make significant changes to their profiles and create fresh content. In addition, they will able to share the content that they have built up with different social circles to generate unstoppable viral traffic. Besides, what makes Viral Loop distinctive from other viral products is its creator, Cindy Battye. This person has shown herself as a talented programmer and an ambitious woman who decided to quit her study to focus on a recently built business. Her software, which is TextDeliver and LevelX, has resulted in the support from hundreds of people. Now she is working to develop the best viral loop 2 product, as well as best WordPress theme software for customers. So Viral Loop is obviously a worthwhile investment in viral marketing campaigns which can save your company a big amount of money than paying much for uneconomical marketing cost. Your company can achieve your own viral and also, many money-grabbing posts in less than a minute.


IV –Viral Loop 2 Review- What are Viral Loop Features ?

1. Easy configuration

With a full step-by- step wizard tutorials and guidance, Viral Loop will help you take every step of the way to help with your set up your own WordPress themes.

2. Flexible themes

You will have the ability to customize the themes, from layout and color to their font styles. With Viral Loop, things can be edited smoothly from your admin panels. You can also change the appearances of those themes by clicking to select and choose from one of the already-made themes in the library.

3. Advertise multiple banners

Viral Loop allows you to upload different banners on its pre-tested locations, which is worth relying on to maximize your CTR, as well as giving you more money to your pockets.

4. Enable/disable membership signups

Since visitors can sign up to become members, it is possible for them to create or share their own ‘lists’. But the power is in your hands as you will get more control over the increasing number of members, as well as membership base and data for each of them in your websites.

5. Lead capture/AR integration

You can build up a connection from auto-responders to every email from each of the customers when they make new accounts. It is a great way to get their data which help you follow up with your customers and further monetize your websites.

6. Custom profiles

Profiles are your customers’ personal images. So when they have successfully made new accounts, they will receive their profile pages which display their collections and personal information. This way can also encourage your customers to share their performances via social networks, so that you will easily get more viral and hands-free traffic for your websites.

7. Display messages

Message is a channel which can create an interactive environment for you and your customers. You will get additional numbers of new visitors to your web pages.

8. Social Sharing


Your customers will click only one time to enable social buttons on any viral content, which consists of the whole lists and also each item of them.

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