ClickKosh Review - How Does It Work?

As a business you have so very much to offer. And normally you have therefore many products/ services by which you can convert a customer. The issue is definitely you cannot demonstrate or showcase all your products or services at only one place.


Until today!


Clickkosh is a distinctive app that makes all this possible. It converts 330% extra compared to the normal web page converts. You could have multiple CLICKABLE touchpoints in the single image that may redirect the users to any item of their choice.


So let’s say you have 10 items to showcase, you could have all 10 in one image and put in redirects to all or any 10 of them. Imagine 1 solitary redirect versus 10.


Clickkosh gives you unlimited. You could have 100s of them in a single picture. No doubts it really is bound to convert very much higher - 330% higher normally.


This awesome tech is running it’s onetime unique discount offer. This is actually the best time to can get on board and start changing upto 330% extra together with your every page.


Sounds pretty cool? In case you are still motivated by my words, please browse my Clickkosh review for even more discussion.


What is Clickkosh?


ClickKosh is an internet app that converts aged boring pictures into Shoppable Pictures using overlays. It can help to make every picture live with the overlay Technology leading to increased sales. ClickKosh let’s you monetise Pictures with the addition of Clickable Hotspots to them and you could embed those pictures on any site or page builder.


It converts 330% extra compared to the normal web page converts. You could have multiple CLICKABLE touchpoints in the single image that may redirect the users to any item of their choice. Therefore let’s say you possess 10 items to showcase, you could have all 10 within an image and place redirects to all or any 10 of these. Imagine 1 one redirect versus 10. Clickkosh gives you unlimited. You could have 100s of them in a single image.


About the author


ClickKosh was made by Roshni Dhal. Roshni offers been among the significant personalities on the web. She has been presented on Linkedin as Best Voice 2016 on her behalf Content to Six Shape Launches. She actually is a pioneer of the Field today! Over the Years, she's got the Name of “Linkedin Queen” due to her impact and reach on the System.


Features Details


Why is ClickKosh a ground-breaking software program, well there are multiple features like:


[+]Interactive Shoppable Hotspot Images


[+]Huge library with 600+ icons to use


[+]Pixabay integration and that means you never have to cover stock images


[+]Adobe Image editor which means you don’t possess to purchase those elegant and expensive editing softwares


[+]DesignoPro2 & Youzign integration to ensure that you can include your own images


With Clickkosh you can:


Add multiple shoppable hotspots in one image

Add multiple Redirects from solitary picture to different URLs or item pages

Generate even more leads from that image

Convert 330% extra by showcasing & redirecting your comprehensive library of items in one image

Touch to contact to create calls & convert sales

Select hotspot icons from the icon library of icons

Put animated hotspots to get users attention as part of your

Use Adobe picture editor integration to beautify your images

With so many unique features you should have an unfair advantage over others and you are bound to convert even more.


How Does It Function?


The setup process is really as easy as simple 3 steps. Then you can certainly convert higher with this technology. It’s like a showroom with all of your products showcased in a very simple and effective way.


Step one 1 - You decide on the image

Step two 2 - Increase multiple CLICKABLE hotspots in the image

Step3 - Provide multiple redirect URLs to all or any the hotspots

For more information you can view video about ClickKosh demo below


Is ClickKosh A SCAM?


In my  ClickKosh review, I wish to state that ClickKosh  can be an amazing software application that’s 100% newbie friendly and may generate anyone a great deal of product sales from your selection of traffic source, it’s a straightforward tweak that functions perfect. It’s your opportunity to make an unmatched customer encounter whether you are an:


Ecom marketer

Local Store Owner

Affiliate marketer


Or a webmaster

The stats don’t lie, I recommend you to begin using it in your business immediately. It is a distinctive app that makes the work of attracting sales a lot more easier. It’s extremely unique & innovative platform where you can showcase all of your products in an exceedingly innovative and tempting way about the same image. It’s not really a product you have to spend a lot of money on or break your budget for.


I must emphasize in my ClickKosh review that for individuals who want to secure a slot in the product right now, please be sure to remember the launch day which is on Dec 21, 2017 at 11:00 EDT.


ClickKosh offers 1 Front-End and 3 OTO:


Front End: ClickKosh Fundamental - $27 (See details)


Create Unlimited Hotspots

CTA Click To Contact, Mail, URL

Pulsating Influence on Every HotSpot

Adobe Image Editor

Create Unlimited Shoppable Images

3 Hotspot Presets

Customisation to complement Branding

Affiliate Link Disclosure

Youzign Integration

DesignoPro2 Integration


Clickable Banners

Works together with ClickFunnels, Convertri, Igloo, InstaSuite, Shopify, WordPress

OTO 1: ClickKosh Pro - $37-$47 (See information)


Interactive Shoppable Brochures

Interactive Shoppable E-Magazines

Commercial License

Interactive Shoppable Catalogues

Local Business Research study

Add Logo Watermark

Adobe Image Editor

100 More Presets

OTO 2: ClickKosh Great - $47-$67 (See information)


Unlimited Domains

Outsourcer License

Animation on Hover

Sound on Hover

Unlimited E-Magazines

Unlimited Brochures

E-sign Unlimited Agreements

Unlimited Catalogues

OTO 3: Clickkosh Company - $97-$197 (See information)


Agency Version

Sell ClickKosh to get rid of Customers

SIMPLEST WAY to 4 Figures monthly


We said this early bird particular is quite time limited. The purchase price will go up. And you will definitely not find multi and site flipping license included as of this low a price, ever again! So do something today right now…!!! Grab is fast!!